IR Analyzer (Infrared Interpretation) V3.0

Interpret infrared spectra

An infrared spectrum gives valuable information about what functional groups are present in a molecule. 
This software is specially programmed to help researchers and scientists to interpret the infrared spectrum and provide the time needed to predict the wavelengths with different vibrations in chemical compounds.

The advantages:
  1. Saving time and effort needed to interpret IR spectrum 
  2. High accuracy 
  3. Based on more than 23 global reference 
  4. Ability to advanced search on the image of the spectrum 
  5. Ability to search for a specific length of the wavelength to show the possibilities of vibration spectral 
  6. Ability to search for a specific range of values to show the possibilities groups located in this term 
  7. Ability to search for all function groups that was lower, higher and between values of organic and inorganic compounds and more...... 

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Version 3.0
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